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  • Ph.D. (Aug. 2008 – Apr 2014) – Influence Dynamics on Social Networks
  • B.E. (Aug 2004- Jun 2008) –  Dept. of ECE, College of Engg. Guindy
    • Final Year Project: Relay Selection for Cooperative Diversity in Wireless Networks

Research Interests

  • Stochastic processes
  • Agent-based modeling
  • Differential Equations
  • Optimization and Optimal Control
  • Network Science

Research Domains

  • Network Epidemiology
  • Computational Modeling
  • Complex Networks
  • Social Information Networks
  • Academic Social Networks
  • Mobile Opportunistic systems

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Peer-reviewed Conferences/Workshops

  1. Qiufang Ying, Dah Ming Chiu, Srinivasan Venkatramanan, and Xiaopeng Zhang, “Profiling OSN Users Based on Temporal Posting Patterns” , accepted to appear in ACM OSNeD 2018 (Online Social Networks and Media: Network Properties and Dynamics), co-held with The Web Conference (WWW) 2018.

  2. Srinivasan Venkatramanan, SichaoWu, Bowen Shi, Achla Marathe, Madhav Marathe, Stephen Eubank, Lalit Sah, A.P. Giri, Luke Colavito, Nitin S, Sridhar V, Asokan R, Rangaswamy Muniappan, George Norton, and Abhijin Adiga, Towards Robust Models of Food Flows and Their Role in Invasive Species Spread , accepted to appear in IEEE International Conference on Big Data (IEEE Big Data), 2017. [Slides]

  3. Farzaneh Sadat Tabataba, Milad Hosseinipour, Bryan Lewis, Foroogh Sadat Tabataba, Srinivasan Venkatramanan, Dave Higdon, Jiangzhuo Chen, and Madhav Marathe, Epidemic Forecasting by Combining Agent-Based Models and Smart Beam-Particle Filtering Framework, IEEE International Conference on Data Mining (ICDM) short paper, 2017.

  4. Venkatramanan S, Chen J, Gupta S, Lewis B, Marathe M, Mortveit H, Kumar VS Anil (2017) Spatio-temporal optimization of seasonal vaccination using a metapopulation model of influenza, IEEE International Conference on Healthcare Informatics (ICHI) 2017.
  5. Wu Yan, Srini Venkat, and Dah Ming Chiu, Get To the Top and Stay There: A Study of Citation Rank Dynamics in Academia, Proceedings of the 25th International Conference Companion on World Wide Web (BigScholar), 2016.
  6. Abhijin Adiga, Srinivasan Venkatramanan, Anil Vullikanti, To delay or not: temporal vaccination games on networks, IEEE INFOCOM 2016.
  7. Wu Yan, Srinivasan Venkatramanan and Dah Ming Chiu, Research Collaboration and Topic Trends in Computer Science – An Analysis Based on UCP Authors, SAVE- SD (WWW’15 Companion), Florence, Italy
  8. Qiu Fang Ying, Srinivasan Venkatramanan and Dah Ming Chiu, Modeling and Analysis of Scholar Mobility on Scientific Landscape,  BigScholar (WWW’15 Companion), Florence, Italy
  9. Srinivasan Venkatramanan, and Anurag Kumar, Competition for Content Spread over Multiple Social Networks, presented at  SCINSE, co-held with COMSNETS’14, Bangalore, India. (Best presentation award) [Slides]
  10. Eitan Altman, Parmod Kumar, Srinivasan Venkatramanan, and Anurag Kumar, Competition over Timeline in Social Networks, SNAA, co-held with ASONAM’13, Niagara Falls, Canada. [Slides]
  11. Srinivasan Venkatramanan and Anurag Kumar, Co-evolution of Content Popularity and Delivery in Mobile P2P Networks, INFOCOM’12, Orlando,FL. pdf, [Slides]
  12. Srinivasan Venkatramanan and Anurag Kumar, Information Dissemination in Socially Aware Networks Under the Linear Threshold Model,  NCC’11,  Bangalore, India. [Slides]


  1. Srinivasan Venkatramanan, Bryan Lewis, Jiangzhuo Chen, Dave Higdon, Anil Vullikanti, Madhav Marathe, “Using data-driven agent-based models for forecasting emerging infectious diseases”, accepted to appear in Elsevier Epidemics, 2017.
  2. Farzaneh Sadat Tabataba, Prithwish Chakraborty, Naren Ramakrishnan, Srinivasan Venkatramanan, Jiangzhuo Chen, Bryan Lewis and Madhav Marathe, “A Framework for Evaluating Epidemic Forecasts”, accepted to appear in BMC Infectious Diseases, 2017.
  3. Wu Yan, Srinivasan Venkatramanan and Dah Ming Chiu, Research collaboration and topic trends in Computer Science based on top active authors, PeerJ Computer Science 2:e41, 2016.
  4. Srinivasan Venkatramanan and Anurag Kumar, Co-Evolution of Content Spread and Popularity in Mobile Opportunistic Networks, IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 13(11): 2498-2509, February 2014

Technical Reports

  1. Wu Yan, Srinivasan Venkatramanan, Dah Ming Chiu, A Population Model for the Academic Ecosystem, arXiv:1503.08312
  2. Srinivasan Venkatramanan and Anurag Kumar, Influence Spread in Social Networks: A Study via a Fluid Limit of the Linear Threshold Model, arXiv:1405.7096
  3. Srinivasan Venkatramanan and Anurag Kumar, New Insights from an Analysis of Social Influence Networks under the Linear Threshold model, arXiv:1002.1335

Research Talks/Posters

Other Talks

Press Coverage

Miscellaneous Achievements




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